News: The pilot shoot has been completed! The crew did an amazing job and we have tons of footage that was collected from various locations in New Jersey where I was born. We now begin the editing process which will take at least several months. Stay tuned! 

Popp Over America is an episodic TV show/web series currently in development by New York City musician and motorcyclist, Joe Popp.

The show will follow Popp on a four-month non-stop tour through the 48 contiguous United States as a singer-songwriter on a motorcycle. Joe will be plugged in with cameras and microphones to absorb local culture on the adventurous roads of America. Man. Bike. Guitar.

A former punk rocker, Joe Popp will perform solo acoustic concerts, write site-specific music, and give viewers a taste of the sweet, gritty side of America.

Besides sharing his music, another driving force for Joe is his desire to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects millions of people worldwide – including Popp’s girlfriend Jenny. Joe hopes to draw attention to the disease that is often overshadowed by other causes by contrasting his journey with the daily struggles of Jenny.Visuals for the show will have an unvarnished, uncut, unrehearsed, in-the-moment quality in keeping with Joe’s D.I.Y. creative ethos.

The show will be a rich combination of travel, food, music, culture, and philosophical exploration much in the vein of the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.